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Sikaz is the term various nationalities of proeathans call their various psychic abilities. In post-hibernation proeathans there is only the term sikaz enforced by the Adjectevs and then later by the unification of the world language where sikaz became the default term for any hotai based psychic ability.

All sikaz, no matter the type, are bound by the law that they may only relate to the self. The ability is contained within the proeathan and cannot be pushed out or otherwise projected as something else.

Types of Sikaz

There is no true limit to how many sikaz there are within the proeathan population. It is instead largely dependent on the individual and their needs. Different nation-states also had a general feeling towards one sikaz over another. Meaning that it was easier to find teachers of that ability in that nation-state and thus they could be trained in it which led them to become teachers in it as well and perpetuating the cycle. It led most humans to assume that all proeathans of a specific nation-state only knew one type of sikaz. This is of course untrue and peoples of any nation-state could train their abilities in whatever way they needed. Most just gravitated towards the national sikaz because it is strongly identified with national pride.

Limits of Sikaz

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